Thesis, Week 2

In the preparation for the Green light presentation, in addition to all the content and miniature iterations of the cockpit that I have created I had to brush up on my bibliography and sources used. I have been looking for the sources that focus particularly on the aspect of combination of Virtual Reality and physical space and research the interconnection between the two, however most of the sources up to date, particularly academic ones focus on VR-side and only barely on physical world around VR. For example Rae Earnshaw’s book Virtual Reality Systems mentions the physical interactions in form of fighter cockpit simulation to increase the trainee’s immersion to test the problem-solving skills in tough situations but it is by far the closest I have got to the intersection of VR and Real World. Majority of the sources up to date were focusing on VR and primarily getting away from real world, therefore I had to use some of them as the anti-thesis for my research.


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