Thesis, Week 5 – Prototype w.i.p.

For the first iteration of my prototype, I have started to create a real 1-1 scale model of the initial iteration of the cockpit made from cardboard. I have decided to start construction from cardboard to test the potential sizing and scaling of the cockpit in order to be able to quickly make changes and adjustments to fit my own size and to test the dimensions of the cockpit. Throughout the process of testing I have identified several points of structural weaknesses in the cockpit such as the roof support which has constantly been flipping from one side to another, which required me to use reinforced cardboard “rails” to hold it in place. This issue will need to be addressed in the final version more carefully especially during the construction of the wooden carcass and roof support. Additionally to that some of the issues I faced was fixing the parts in place so they don’t end up flappy and mismatch during the stage when we merge the physical and digital versions of the cockpit. The floor support (floor layer) was initially questioned by my team member Chris has potentially proved to be useful as it creates the support for the sides of the cockpit and helps mark the positions of all the elements serving as a base for the entire construction making reassembly easier. For the joining of the parts I have started with tape as similarly to cardboard it is easy to remove and make adjustments, which however later proved to be not strong enough and I had to switch to hot glue to strengthen the joints.


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