Thesis, Week 10 – Panel Feedback

From the feedback on the physical panel I have received a lot of interesting feedback. Having the physical press-able version of the panel people were able to interact with it which in turn has sparked a lot of discussion about alternative application of the cockpit idea and some suggestions about materials that can be used. Primarily people have suggested taking alternative approaches to the use of the panel and cockpit in general, particularly stepping away from the conventional use of buttons and introducing a modular element in form of a controller or an object that would change functionality of the controls by being placed in a specific place or a holder. People have commented that pressing buttons while holding Vive controllers is uncomfortable and should be reworked; this issue will be addressed when we get a chance to use Oculus Touch controllers.  For the materials that should be used I have been told to use acrylic and laser cut it to work and experiment with different shapes. On the question about expectation of materials inside the cockpit many people answered metal and plastic, for this one I will be sticking with plastic seeing how metal is difficult to work with. Additionally people suggested that I and my team get to actual playtesting sooner and instead of starting testing with the completed version start testing with a prototype version that uses yarn for walls and CNC pipes for carcass. For this part I got the idea of using the modified version of the cardboard cockpit that I already had before. This way we would be able to get an idea where we are heading and assess potential issues and problems that may arise in the future.


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