Thesis, Week 11 – Digital Version

For the next stage of the development of the prototype I have started the development of the digital cockpit that matches the physical version. I have measured all the dimensions with the ruler and then transferred it to Maya using separate shapes with these measurements as markers for measuring the dimensions of the cockpit elements. I have created the inside of the cockpit to match the physical shape and temporarily the appearance of the interior. Based off the Void technology the look of the physical elements does not matter because people are only able to see it through the VR headset, however in order for us to have easier times setting everything up I have made them visually similar. The ship has been modeled around the cockpit, it is covering majority of the walls of the cockpit and is ready to be modified for further adjustments. The guns on each wing of the ship is modeled with consideration to be visible for the player, so some visual effects applied to the ship are visible from the cockpit.


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