Thesis, Week 12 – Digital/Physical

Prior to the final presentation me and Chris got to work on matching the physical and digital versions of the panels. I brought the physical version from home several days in advance and stored it in DF room. And several days before the presentation we have connected the digital version to the HTC Vive and aligned with physical version. While the measurements of the cockpit itself were mostly correct, the position of the panel had to be adjusted in real time. While Chris was wearing the headset I have been moving the camera and the panel in-game in order to align everything appropriately. We have ensured that the buttons were responsive and gave signal to the Arduino which in turn triggered Unity to use Josh’s functions such as mass puss and mass pull of the objects around the ship. From my own personal experience with this hybrid reality version of the cockpit I found the ability to touch objects in VR rather satisfying and convincing. The prototype was ready to be taken apart and transported to 49 McCaul for the final presentation.


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