Thesis, Semi-Final Critique

During the final critique we got a lot of useful feedback on how to improve and further develop our project. Nick Puckett and Adam Tindale have given us a lot of constructive information for improvements. Several elements that were pointed out were the open space in the cockpit which is unusual for cockpits as suggested by Nick and Immony the cockpit should be smaller and fit the player perfectly to the point of the spaceship being an extension of the pilot. Adam has suggested to use subwoofer to imitate the kickback from the environment that player would expect to receive when coming in contact with the environment. Additionally Adam suggested looking at the comparison between visual appearances of the physical and digital versions of the cockpit to address the issue of the spectators from the side and how they perceive the installation. Similarly to the feedback from previous prototyping sessions Adam and Nick have suggested introducing some kind of element that changes the functionality of the buttons and objects inside the ship. Immony has suggested to play around with the sense of the reveal that occurs when players takes off the headset, this probably could be better addressed with paint on the final version of the cockpit. And finally Emma has suggested to visit Hamilton’s Aircraft Museum in order to get a better understanding of the cockpit construction and better translate it into the physical version.


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